ER Champ 2024

I took part in the qualifications for World Escape Room Championship 2024 competition. It was a great experience. Qualifications were online point-and-click game with puzzles.

I was a member of PKP team with my friends: Mateusz, Tomasz, and Magda. We managed to solve all the puzzles in 03:40:15 which gave us 35th place. See full results at

It was first time we participated, and we are happy with the result. Our goal was to be in top 100 which we achieved.

We were stuck for three puzzles for a long time. First one was advanced settings for tv. We think our early solution was logical but incorrect. Second one was a puzzle with a Shiba Inu dog, drums, and song. We eventually figured out the correct solution but Polish version of the game was bugged. Many teams had problem with it. Third one was easy, but we thought different information was needed to solve it. Which was our fault as in previous problem we guessed the solution. Then we thought different information was needed to solve it, and we haven’t read hints needed for the next puzzle.

I enjoyed the game and hope to participate in the next edition of the championship.